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What We Do

Manhattan-based Ken Jennings Design, Ltd. has been providing unique interior design solutions to a variety of residential and commercial clients for over 25 years. We specialize in creating character and warmth by selecting the most effective and beautiful architectural details for traditional, as well as contemporary environments. Everyone’s tastes and needs are different, and we take special pride in translating each client’s unique vision into reality.

Our Three-Phase Approach

Phase One: Find out what is important to our client.
Your home is not a canvas for us. It is your private living environment. Our intention is not only to make it beautiful and tasteful, but also to make your home perfect for your lifestyle. Therefore, we start with understanding you – the way you live, your daily habits and pleasures, your tastes and your needs. We analyze the space, and discuss the scope of the project with you. If you want to move forward with us, a contract will be prepared for your review. Once signed, the process begins. Phase One involves numerous site visits, site-related research, and conversations with the client, all of which lead up to our producing preliminary drawings reflecting an appropriate design concept. Next we produce traffic flow drawings; diagrams showing partitions, furniture layouts, and lighting; and cabinetry and materials sketches.

Phase Two: Assembling the right crew and pricing your project.
Experience has connected Ken Jennings Design with the most skilled and reliable tradesmen. In Phase Two we select the most appropriate tradesmen for your project, and assemble a complete and compatible working crew. This involves our meeting with various tradesmen to evaluate their skills and availability, as well as to establish the best prices possible for their services. Once we determine what can be accomplished within your budget, we proceed with scheduling.

Phase Three: Constant on-site supervision.
Work has begun, and during this phase we focus on seeing that the project is finished on time, and as we intended. Attention to detail and quality control requires daily on-site inspections, and constant supervision of your crews. We are also there daily to determine whether changing site conditions call for revisions in work schedules or other details. We also finalize orders for furniture, floor and wall coverings, window treatments, decorative light fixtures, finishes, and coordinate all installations during this phase.

Summary: Experience is as important as talent.
As in all other businesses and industries, there is no substitute for experience to know how to avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls. Despite nearly three decades designing and managing interior design projects of all scopes and sizes, we continue to learn through each new project, and to apply that experience to the next project. We hope your project will be our next.

Yours very truly,

Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings
Design Principal

439 EAST FIFTY FIRST STREET, NEW YORK NY 10022 . TEL 212.496.1149